Halal Hysteria

You might have read the recent hype about halal meat, especially in the tabloids. If you haven’t then you are probably from among the minority that do not read or believe everything that appears in them. But unfortunately many people read the tabloids and do so without questioning its contents; thus increasing hatred towards Islam and Muslims.

Some Muslims, however, have responded to this issue through articles of their own, but of course their readership cannot compete with the likes of The Sun or Daily Mail.

So what can I do? You may be asking!

Well most of us will definitely have had a debate/discussion of some sort regarding the halal issue with our non-Muslim counterparts, but often may not have been as articulate or not known all the facts ourselves. Below is a link to an article by Mehdi Hasan in the New Statesman that highlights some facts and figures, so maybe we can shed some light on this matter to the people around us. It’s well worth a read.


Some points from the article

  • Islamophobia or animal welfare concerns?
    Stunned animals are also killed so why choose to single out halal? If they became vegetarian they would have an argument to make.
  • Disproportionate mention of Halal over Kosher meat
  • Studies to suggest that halal slaughter is more painful are not conclusive and often are agenda driven.
  • The very readers and journalists of the tabloids don’t seem to mind halal meat in the Indian restaurants and takeaways (one of Britain’s favourite foods), not to mention the late night donner kebabs.
  • We should not forget that Islam prescribes a code of conduct to ensure humane treatment at slaughter not to mention the numerous Quranic verses and Hadith that command good treatment of animals and livestock throughout its life.
  • If it’s a case of knowing how the animal has been killed then I don’t think anyone would object. But front page news and emotive headlines shows a more sinister agenda. Shouldn’t news of families here in the UK going without food be more deserving of the front page?
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