£5 a week for your Masjid

Make this amazingly rewardable deed your new commitment in this new year for the ultimate pleasure of Allah!

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

We recently launched an appeal at the Colchester Masjid for everyone to get involved with committing to a £5 a week donation to the Masjid. If you haven’t yet set up a standing order, please consider doing so. Standing order forms are available at the Masjid or you can set it up through online banking using the details below.

If we can all take this upon ourselves and work together, inshaAllah, we will be able to comfortably maintain our masjid and provide an even better service for our growing community and meet the ever-changing needs.

Sort code: 20-22-67
Acc No: 50194638

Jazakumullahu khayran
Masjid Committee

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