Funeral Services / Janäza

The death of a family member or friend can be a very distressing time with so many things to take care of while trying to deal with the emotions of losing a loved one. We find in numerous ahadith (sayings) of the prophet peace be upon him, that it is a right of a Muslim that his/her funeral should be attended and condolences offered to the family of the deceased. Bearing this in mind we offer help and assistance during this difficult time.
Although most funeral directors in Essex are non-Muslim they are very sensitive of Islamic burial methods and often consult the mosque on behalf of the deceased’s family.

The Imam and volunteers can help with:

  • The washing and shrouding of the deceased
  • The Janazah (funeral) prayer
  • The burial

Please contact the mosque for more information.

Note: There is no compulsory fee for our services but donations are welcome.

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