COVID-19 and Colchester Burial Procedure

In light of the high number of COVID-19 deaths we have clarified the burial process for our deceased, fulfilling both government and Islamic requirements.  We want to reassure our members that steps have been taken to ensure we are prepared to support our community through this.


The key features of COVID-19 burial process in Colchester are:

  •  Deaths can now be registered on the telephone within 5 days
  • Contact the funeral directors and Colchester Mosque:

Funeral Directors

Hunnaball: 01206 760049

Colchester Mosque 

Imam Shamsul Islam: 07758 003257

Koysor Chowdhury: 07907701495

Bashir Goni: 07912026383
  • You can contact Colchester Mosque to be put in touch with the Community Bereavement Support Group
  • The deceased will be taken directly to the Funeral Directors (not to deceased home or masjid)
  • Hunnaball of Colchester Funeral Directors allow us to perform the washing and shrouding of our deceased with full PPE protection (max 2 persons) and for family to see the deceased (max 2 persons at a time)
  • Deceased will be taken directly to the Cemetery (not to the Masjid) for burial. Solaatul-Janazah will be performed at the Cemetery
  • Colchester Cemetery allows Islamic burial with shroud only (no coffin required). Max 10 persons may attend burial. No PPE necessary but 2m social distancing applies. Please do not attend if you are suffering with coronavirus symptoms, self isolating or shielding

We have formulated a Burial Guidance Document to allow greater understanding of what happens and to fully prepare in the event of someone in the near family passing away.

It features a Practical Guide of what needs to be done, fulfilling both government regulation and Islamic requirements. Thereafter it goes through the complete Islamic rites of passage, including the relevant prayers