About Us

A Mosque is known as a ‘Masjid’ in Arabic which literally translates as ‘place of prostration’; in other words a mosque is where Muslims worship Allah (God) and often do this in congregation.

Colchester Mosque was established to provide facilities for regular communal worship. Since its inauguration the mosque has become a focal point for the multicultural Muslims of Colchester to meet, learn and pray. Additionally, the mosque serves as a channel for people of other faiths and of no particular faith to visit and find out about Islam and Muslims first hand and on a personal level if so desired. The mosque regularly welcomes visits from schools and other institutions.

Current Management Committee

The following persons were elected as part of the Management Committee

Chairman: Mohammed Koysor Chowdhury
Vice Chairman: Lokman Ali
General Secretary: Misbah Uddin
Assistant Secretary: Faisal Kamal Ahmed
Dawah Secretary: Ishtiak Hussain
Treasurer: Dilu Miah
Assistant Treasurer: Abdul Mutakabbir
Public Relations Officer: Md Abdullah Al Numan
Equality Officer: Hussain Ahmed

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