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Please note the winter prayer time changes

Jumuah Salah is now at 1pm at Firstsite

 The Jumuah talk in English will start at 12:30pm


Jumuah salah will be at Firstsite until the completion of the masjid extension & renovation work. This means that we will be able to have one big congregation.
Firstsite is 2 minutes walk from the masjid
Firstsite, Lewis Gardens, High Street, Colchester, Essex, CO1 1JH
* Eid ul Adha  on the 1st September 2017 was held at First Site Field for the first time. MashaAllah... what a great spectacle it was of Mulsims glorifying Allah in large numbers! shame about the bouncy castles which didn't come with a generator. Sorry Kids ;(

* Eid ul Fitr 2017 in the castle park was attended by over 900 people and was amazing - Alhamdulillah £50,000 was raised in pledges on the field.


The £250K masjid project will be entering it's second phase soon, inshaAllah. Please continue to support the project.






Prayers Timetable

Azaan Iqama
Fajar 5:17 6:00
Sunrise 6:53
Zuhr 12:15 1:00
Asr 3.35 4:00
Magrib 5:30
Isha 6:50 7:30
Friday Prayer Time: 1:00pmView full timetable

Polite Reminder

Dear Brothers, When exiting the Masjid, please be considerate of our neighbors and pedestrians. DO NOT block the pavement.